Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp

Carranza Puppets brings traditional children's literature to life through marionette presentations. The presentation for this school year (2017-2018) is "Aladdin". This elaborate marionette play has original and fully orchestrated music, beautiful sets and costumes and an array of lighting and special effects. "Aladdin" is a wonderful theatrical experience that your children will not soon forget.

This production is suitable for grades Pre-K through Fifth Grade. The program lasts approximately 50 minutes, and yes, Pre-K can be entertained for that length of time and will thoroughly enjoy it, as will the older children. The recommended audience size is 300-350 students per program

"Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp" is from The Arabian Nights, also called The Thousand and One Nights, which is a large collection of stories, mostly of Arabian, Indian, or Persian origin. It was written in Arabic between the 14th and 16th centuries. They were introduced into Europe through Antoine Galland's French translation (1704 - 1717). The best known English version is by the explorer Sir Richard Burton, who published (1885-1886) a complete version.

The frame story, Persian in origin, turns on the woman-hating King Schahriah (Shahryar) who marries a different woman each night, thus insuring her faithfulness. The clever Scheherazade (Shahrazad), however, beguiles the King with a series of stories for a thousand and one nights, withholding the ending of each story until the next night. Through her stories Scheherazade dissipates the King's anger and teaches him to become a better person and a wiser King. In this way, she saves her life and the King eventually falls in love with her.

The stage that houses the performance is 12 feet by 8 feet. The performance and stage setup will be done entirely by Carranza Puppets, requiring no additional assistance from you.

2017-2018 Assembly Program

Carranza Puppets, a Texas Touring Artist, brings children's literature to life. The play has original, fully orchestrated music is in keeping with the literary integrity of this "Arabian Nights" story.
Present this highly regarded program for your children in your school or theater! It holds their attention and makes literature memorable. The literature connections of this program inspires reading in your children that can last a lifetime!
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