"Cinderella" is the most classic of the fairy tales and is rich in romance and tradition.  This story helps children  deal with their inner experiences in the throes of sibling rivalry, especially when they tend to feel pushed down and degraded.

The marionette play of "Cinderella" helps all children deal with sibling, and other types, of rivalry by adding a touch of humor to the  circumstances.  Even though Cinderella is humiliated and made subservient to her family, she remains gentle and kind, because "dreams really do come true."  This provides the incentive the child needs to persevere through situations and to work out better solutions to problems.

This play also helps the child feel less devastated when he feels a lack of recognition for hard work performed well, especially should his home-life be less than ideal.

The children will be enchanted by the original music score produced for this production, as well as the great details given to the puppets, their costumes and the scenery.

The program length is approximately 45 to 50 minutes.  The audience size can be 300-350 children.  The stage that houses the performance is 12 feet by 8 feet. The performance and stage setup will be done entirely by Carranza Puppets, requiring no additional assistance from you.

2017-2018 Assembly Program

Carranza Puppets, a Texas Touring Artist, brings children's literature to life. The play has original, fully orchestrated music is in keeping with the literary integrity of this "Arabian Nights" story.
Present this highly regarded program for your children in your school or theater! It holds their attention and makes literature memorable. The literature connections of this program inspires reading in your children that can last a lifetime!
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