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    Since 1977, Carranza Puppets has been dedicated to bringing quality marionette and hand puppet shows to children that are educational as well as entertaining. This traveling company primarily serves the Houston area, and also travels the states of Texas and Louisiana.

   Using exquisitely handcrafted marionettes, Carranza Puppets goes to elementary schools and performs school assembly programs. These programs include original music orchestrated especially for each year's production. The programs are also available for libraries, corporations and civic organizations.

   Contact Carranza Puppets at 281-890-5210 for more information about bringing this quality presentation to your school or library.

The Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA) is pleased to announce that Carranza Puppets has been accepted onto the 2012-2014 Texas Touring Roster. TCA provides GRANTS to help with the costs of bringing in artists from this Roster (such as Carranza Puppets) for performances. How do I access the grant program?

To access the grant application process, you must first sign up for a user name and password by calling TCA at 800/252-9415, and speaking to a Program Staff member.

2012-2013 Assembly Program

“Beauty and the Beast” is one of the most beloved fairy tales. It was first published in France as a collection of stories by Madame de Villenuve in 1740-1741. “Beauty and the Beast” has been referred to by Iona and Peter Opie in their survey of The Classic Fairy Tales as “the most symbolic of the fairy tales after Cinderella, and the most satisfying.”         

“Beauty and the Beast” demonstrates the   virtue in valuing others for the goodness in their heart, rather than mere physical appearance. In this love story, Beauty’s devotion to her father is reflected in her eventual love for her devoted Beast. In spite of the Beast’s grotesque appearance, Beauty‘s love gains her a profound understanding that transcends the physical. Read More

Fox 26 news in Houston recently featured Carranza Puppets in a news segment! Watch now...

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